The showpiece solution

Sharefolder work like folders on your harddrive. Just better. On the internet. Sharefolders do not care if you are working on a PC or MAC. Sharefolders can be produced anywhere. Sharefolders can be loaded via FTP. And they break down big amounts of data into clear galleries with preview, videos, sounds and PDF files. Without big email attachments, without upload restrictions. Sharefolder do neither need complicated passwords nor inconvenient rights management. They are save anyway.

Let us show it.


Pictures, films, music? No matter how much, just uplaod your project data conveniently via FTP. Do not worry about the presentation.
Sharefolder will take care of that.


Send the whole generated link to the recipient. Without a password. Just enter the email address.
Sharefolder does the rest.


The recipients sight your data in their browser. Now their choice is just a mouse click away and visible for you. They do not have to note down file names.
Sharefolder handles that for them.


This can be put in appearance.
On your request we adapt the Sharefolder frontend to your corporate design.


As usual:
Navigate through the Sharefolder browser like you would navigate through your harddrive with the Finder Browser oder Explorer.


That works for you.
The recipient marks his choice by clicking on it and you can see it right away.

Übersichtlich und intuitiv zu bedienen: im Sharefolder-Frontend werden Mediendateien wie Bilder, Filme und Musik übersichtlich präsentiert


Packing talent:
Just zip your files in the Sharefolder browser and download them.


For review:
The internal player automatically adds audio and video files to the playlist and shows them. Videos can also be switched to full-screen display, if you like.


Get an overview:
Big amounts of pictures, films and PDF files are displayed in a clear gallery with preview function.


If you do not use your Sharefolder for two weeks, it gets cleared. Needless to say, you will get asked beforehand.

Video und Musik-Dateien organisiert Sharefolder im internen Player.
Your files can be easily uploaded into your Sharefolder via FTP.


Never change a winning team:
The fast up- and download of your files is done by you and the FTP client you trust in.


Each to their own:
Allow others to set up and maintain their own Sharefolders while you manage yours.

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